Onshore Liquid Transportation

OEG Offshore provide a range of onshore services including the rental of 500 bbl frac tanks in Australia and the USA as well as non-hazardous vacuum truck services throughout the Gulf of Mexico. 


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500 bbl Frac Tank Rental Frac Tank onshore drilling
500 bbl Mobile Frac Tank Call now for rental rates.
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During onshore well drilling, large amounts of liquids are required for storing near to the well.  Frac Tanks are transported empty to the site and they are positioned next to the well to make a big temporary facility tank.

We can deliver Frac Tanks to any jobsite that requires a temporary water container or need for water transferring. Mobile Frac Tanks are available for rental in Australia and the Gulf of Mexico, USA.

Download Technical Specification Sheet - 500 bbl Mobile Frac Tank
  Tank Capacity Dimensions Connections

Frac Tank
(available in Australia)









500 bbl










40ft long x 8ft wide by 11ft tall










2 - 4" FMC/Weco style connections with 4" valve in front of tank.

2 - 4" FMC/Weco style gel line connection (recirculation line) with 4" valve in front of tank.

(1 - 4" FMC/Weco style drain connection with valve in front of tank near bottom.)

1 - 4" FMC Weco drain connection with valve in bottom rear of tank - both sides.

2 - 4" FMC/Weco fill line with valve at rear of tank.  2 connections direct into tank.

1 - 8" manifold with 8" valve and 8" dip pipe in front of tank. Manifold to have 4 x 4" FMC/Weco suction connections with valves and caps pointing forward. Manifold to have customers 8" required fitting on each side of manifold.

Frac Tank
(available in Gulf
of Mexico)




500 bbl




46ft long x 8.5ft wide by 10ft tall

609,000 Ibs



1 - 6" fill line, fitted with 4" BFV, male cam lock and cap.

1 - 6" suction line, fitted with 4" BFV, male cam lock and cap.

1 - 6" circulating line throughout with 12 -1" jets, fitted with 4" BFV, female cam lock with plug.



Frac Tank 500 bbl Gulf of Mexio Rental

Frac Tank available for rental in the Gulf of Mexico.     Call now for rental rates.  +1-800-453-0271