Helifuel System Inspections

Through OEG's acquisition of Harran Limited, a leading offshore aviation refuelling services specialist, customers have access to a wider range of helifuel equipment and services from locations in the UK and worldwide.

We offer 3 monthly, 6 monthly and 12-month audit inspections of helicopter fuelling systems in compliance with the UK CAA CAP 437 Guidance Standard.  Our helifuel services also include commissioning, testing, maintenance, refurbishment and upgrade of offshore systems and components to UK CAA CAP 437.


Helifuel pump inspection
System engineer carrying out a helifuel pump inspection

Offshore fuel installation inspections and audits should be conducted to ensure that all maintenance procedures required by the fuel system manufacturer, local aviation authority and any other regulatory body requirement are strictly followed. 

Our experienced team of service engineers carry out regulatory inspections & maintenance of offshore & onshore helicopter refuelling systems across the globe to UK CAA CAP 437. 

We can also carry out specific on-site testing of some individual system components including hose pressure tests and flow meter calibration as well as a providing a comprehensive inventory of system spare parts and consumables, fuel sampling equipment, fuel delivery & transfer hoses. 

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