Helifuel System Service & Refurbishment

Harran provides a high-quality refurbishment and upgrades service for all offshore helicopter refuelling systems and components to CAP 437 standard. 

Harran’s highly experienced service engineers and workshop technicians provide a cost-effective service solution as an alternative to replacement of expensive helifuel components such as couplings, nozzles, pumps & air motors. 
A full refurbishment service includes strip down, repair, testing and recertification along with a detailed report.

Harran engineer carrying out a pressure and leak test on a helifuel coupling

Harran's skilled service engineers and workshop technicians routinely carry out pressure tests on helifuel couplings after strip down and repair.


An example of the high standards of Harran's refurbishment work is pictured below with the major overall and rebuild of the helicopter refuelling system for the Gryphon FPSO. This transformation was carried out to the highest industry standards whilst ensuring a cost-effective solution for the client through the life extension of the helifuel unit.

helifuel system refurbishment - before Helifuel System Refurbishment - After