OEG manufacture to the highest industry standards, providing our customers with confidence that they have equipment in full compliance with regulatory requirements and in accordance with the latest HSE regulations

At OEG we are committed to delivering market-leading designs across our full range of services and products. From extreme weather and climatic conditions to frequent and difficult mobilisation requirements, OEG has developed and refined years of experience in designing and developing products, continually improving construction techniques, to ensure our products and solutions are some of the best in our industry.

We believe that building trusting relationships stretches far beyond the issuing of certificates. By understanding what really matters to our customers and suppliers, and have harnessed this experience to improve our management system and our offering at the same time.

While conformity is an important aspect of business assurance, our adopted methodology turns our continual assessment into a powerful management tool to improve and protect performance across our business activities.              

Design & Manufacturing Standards

Our extensive experience designing and fabricating CCUs and modular buildings that fully comply with international standards ensures we can support clients varied requirements in the geographical markets where they operate. Where the challenges of the Oil & Gas industry are at the most severe is where OEG solutions are the most effective.

At the very core of our products are the highest design standards and manufacturing approvals in the world. OEG ensures that all manufacturing processes and systems comply with applicable customer and industry standards.

OEG has assembled an accomplished team to carry out its business objectives. Our senior management and staff consist of experienced professionals who bring years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry locally and internationally. They are responsible for the management of the company and the delivery of high-quality products to our customer base. Our management team come from different backgrounds but approach their work with real energy and passion, bringing vital experience to our worldwide operations.


OEG Offshore’s fleet of cargo carrying unit designs are certified to DNV GL 2.7-1 as standard and 2.7-3 where operational criteria dictates. OEG's A60 Zoned rental cabins are built in accordance with DNV GL 2.7-2 as standard.

OEG Offshore’s cargo carrying units are certified by the Lloyd’s Register Container Certification Scheme (LRCCS).

OEG Offshore Pty Ltd is accredited for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 - Testing at our Barry Beach facility and Accredited for compliance with ISO/IEC 17020 as a Type C Inspection Body.

NATA Accreditation No. 14852 & 19716

OEG Offshore Limited and Harran Limited are FPAL Verified members. FPAL is the industry portal providing a direct route to business in the Oil & Gas sector. FPAL links suppliers with customers to identify, qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers on behalf of its Purchasing members.

OEG Offshore Limited Registration Number 10041374
OEG Offshore FPAL Verified Certificate

Harran Limited Registration Number 10042559
Harran Limited FPAL Verified Certificate

OEG Offshore AS is a 'Qualified' member of Achilles JQS.

Achilles ID No 60725 Ref number: 915553257

OEG Offshore Inc and OEG Offshore Pty Ltd are subscribers to ISNetworld, a global resource for connecting clients with safe and reliable contractors. 

OEG Pty Approval Number: 400-230198
OEG Inc Approval Number: 400-132390


Recognized in the oil and gas industry for safety orientations, safety training and contractor management, PEC supports upstream, midstream, and downstream petroleum and energy companies

OEG Offshore Inc PEC Premier Approval No : 4752


OEG Offshore Trinidad branch is in conformance with Safe TO Work (STOW) Health, Safety and Environment certification. Certificate No.00561:03