OEG offers rental, leasing and support services for 20ft and 40ft Cryogenic Gas ISO Tank Containers.

Cryogenic tank containers can maintain their cargoes at very low temperatures and are designed to transport liquified natural gas (LNG), nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2, ethane and ethylene.

Cryogenic tanks containers are deployed in the LNG market for the following applications: storage, ship bunkering, cooldown of storage facilities, mobile fuel stations and virtual pipelines

We work with our customers to ensure our tanks can meet the often complex technical requirements of unloading. Ship bunkering or marine refuelling is a rapidly growing application for LNG requiring detailed project management. Our tanks are fitted with pressure build up units which can be augmented by additional skid-mounted PBUs to meet the challenges of unloading with sufficient differential pressure.

For cryogenic ISO tank enquiries please contact sales@oegcryogenics.com