With a comprehensive product offering, OEG Offshore is a trusted partner to the offshore energy sector. We provide safe, high-quality, and reliable equipment for many challenging offshore applications throughout the industry.

Offshore containers, baskets, tanks, and workshops have been utilised for decades to support the energy sector.  OEG Offshore supply DNV 2.7-1 certified containers to support each life cycle stage, from seismic, exploration drilling, well services, field installation, upgrades, and maintenance as well as the full life of the asset's operation followed by the decommissioning phase.

Seismic Surveys

seismic surveys

Seismic survey, geoscience, and research organisations require a wide range of offshore containers to support their survey and monitoring operations in marine environments.  Popular units include our A60 engineering cabins, dry van containers, cargo baskets, and customised offshore workshops. 

Offshore Field Development

Offshore Field Installation

OEG continues to supply the offshore field development segment of the oil and gas industry, from discovery to abandonment with a wide range of cargo carrying units.  During this phase common types of units supplied include A60 engineering workspaces, tool stores, waste skips, enclosed containers and workshop containers.

Well Services

The well services operations team will require a number of container units to support wireline, coiled tubing, wellhead maintenance activities.  Tool stores and other standard units are common rental items for this sector.

Offshore Drilling and Exploration

Oil companies, drilling and geotechnical contractors around the world require standard containers and specialist modules to support their offshore drilling and exploration activities.  Whether it's for the safe transportation of equipment and supplies offshore or the need for high specification workshop modules used as part of Installation and Workover Control Systems (IWOCS), OEG's containers and modules are designed to meet the harsh offshore environments associated with mobile drilling, production platforms or mineral exploration. Custom build units suitable for supporting drilling campaigns include:

  • Mud laboratories
  • Directional drilling work areas
  • MWD Cabins (Measurement-while-drilling)
  • Mud logging units
  • Workout rooms
  • Portable offices
  • Recreational areas

OEG supplies offshore containers to drilling and completions projects with A60 engineering cabins, dry van containers, offshore workshops, cargo baskets, waste skips and drill cutting bins/skips.

Maintenance & Modifications

As offshore assets mature, preventative maintenance and upgrade is a vital offshore activity carried out by companies specialising in asset integrity management, fabric and rig maintenance, and engineering asset care.  Some of OEG's main customers are in this sector as we can supply a large fleet of containers at short notice from many of our global stocking locations.  Standard DNV 2.7-1 offshore cargo units are used for the safe transportation of equipment, supplies, and personnel to this sector.

Offshore Decommissioning

offshore decommissioning

With reduced crane capacity a consideration during offshore decommissioning operations, OEG can supply a range of open top containers, equipment baskets and waste containment solutions to support the safe and efficient removal of offshore structures.  ISO tanks and offshore chemical tanks are also available for pre-decommissioning phases.

In terms of offshore modules, we can provide 6m, 7.6m and 10.3m temporary accommodation modules to larger accommodation complexes with flexible interior configurations to suit your project requirements for sleeping and living.