Offshore Transportable Waste Compactors

OEG’s rental fleet of transportable compactors is certified to DNV 2.7-1 and provide a heavy-duty, fully pneumatic waste solution to offshore facilities management & oilfield service companies.

The offshore waste compactor is designed for transportation to, and use onboard offshore installations and vessels.

offshore transportable waste compactor

The unit is powered using the platform’s work air supply and can be loaded with waste materials which are placed into an integral hopper. When the hopper area is filled, the compaction operation is performed and powered by a 7-8 bar air connection. 

This process can be repeated a number of times until the container is filled to capacity.  The unit can be returned to shore without any further handling where its contents are emptied and recycled or disposed of. The robust design ensures simple and safe operation and the compaction capability of the unit reduces the cost of waste disposal and valuable storage space.

The unit design is CE marked in accordance with European directives and certified for offshore lifting to DNV 2.7-1. The compactor is operated by air and designed for easy loading and unloading of waste.


Tare (unloaded) Weight 2800 kg
Payload Weight 4200 kg
Maximum Gross Weight 7000 kg
External Dimensions (L x W x H) 3071mm x 1768mm x 1984mm
Internal Dimensions (L x W x H) 1700mm x 1600mm x 1550mm
Hinged Steel Door Opening 1250mm (W) x 760mm (H)

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