CCU Support Services

OEG Offshore provides a range of container tracking and monitoring services to provide a fully integrated service to support customer's project requirements.
Container GPS Tracking

OEG offers a full track and trace capability for their equipment including GPS tagging which uses modern and robust hardware and an easy-to-use and efficient software interface:

Please contact your local OEG Offshore office and discuss the option of GPS tracking.


Certification Access
Asset tracking by type, installation or cost centre
Plan field operations
Locate valuable equipment
Monitor idle or non-moving equipment
Regular customised reporting
DNV and IMDG Certification expiry tracking
Tank cleaning certification

Offshore Container with GPS tracking
Rugged GPS tracker attached to an offshore container


Offshore container GPS tracking software


OEG Container Tracking App

The iCU application has been developed by OEG Offshore to offer increased flexibility and control of cargo carrying units (CCUs) for customers who operate consignment stock from OEG.

Users can On or Off hire any CCU from the iCU App by scanning a QR Code located on the container.


Container tracking app
Once the unit ID is scanned successfully the user will be able to view further unit details

From within the iCU App the user will be able to:

From the home screen, the user can scan a specific cargo unit QR Code using their device camera or enter the Unit ID manually to view the details.

Summary of features:

container tracking app benefits


Wireless Tank Monitoring & Level Forecasting System

The wireless tank monitoring system uses wireless battery operated tank level monitors and cloud-based software products to remotely monitor inventory levels in above ground and portable liquid storage tanks.

It improves the ability to precisely monitor and forecast stored product information, combined with advanced technology to monitor and manage your delivery operations more efficiently.

Using this system increases the efficiency of the entire delivery operation, allowing customers to reduce operating expenses, prevent product runouts, prevent over-ordering of product and maximize asset utilisation.

Contact OEG Offshore today to discuss remote tank monitoring services offered. E: 

Tank Monitoring
Container Service, Modification and Refurbishment

From OEG's Aberdeen facility, our in-house team of designers and technicians can provide modifications to a single container or provide a turnkey fleet management service that allows you to concentrate on core activities in the knowledge that your fleet is in safe hands. 

OEG offers a hassle-free container maintenance program which can be custom-tailored to suit our customers' specific needs. This service program typically covers;

- Identification of CCUs to be included in the program
- Initial survey to establish the condition
- Recommended service based on CCU utilization
- Agreed program scope of work and any upgrades
- Review documentation 
- Certifying authority inspections 
- Visual inspections of container structure and lifting assembly
- Ad-hoc damage repair

Container floor repairs
Container floor repairs
Offshore Container and Basket Spare Parts 

We stock a large spares inventory for offshore containers, all available from our network of global bases.

 Contact OEG Offshore today.  Email:  

Container Door Gear Tie back Keeper
Container Door Gear Tie back Keeper