Variable Speed Drive Modules

OEG Offshore design, manufacture, and supply high specification variable speed drive (VSD) and variable frequency drive (VFD) control modules for the oil and gas and offshore wind farm sectors. 
Our project team has extensive experience in designing bespoke modular units and producing larger cabins up to 200 tonnes in split-module formats designed for easy on-site integration and commissioning of customers' equipment.  OEG has developed an international reputation for quality, safety and providing cost-effective offshore modular solutions for our global customers and particularly in this specialist area of high specification VSD modules.

We have also designed and manufactured modules with specialist fire ratings from A0, A60, H0, H60, H120, J30 fire classification incorporating blast protection from 100 mb up to 1000 mb in order to meet customers specific installation requirements.  

All offshore modules are expertly outfitted including the full integration of your free-issue equipment.

A60 Zone 2 Variable Speed Drive VSD Module
DNV 2.7-1 A60 Zone 2 (ATEX Cat 3) Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and Variable Frequency Modules (VFD)
Drill Stem Test Module VSD Skid Frame
20ft x 10ft DNV 2.7-1 A0 fire rated Zone 2 DST (Drill String Test) Module 20ft x 8ft x 9ft 6in DNV 2.7-1 integrated
Variable Speed Drive (VSD) skid packages
to accelerate the oil flow from onshore
drilling operations. View CASE STUDY

We manufacture all our cabins to the highest industry standards (ISO 10855, DNV 2.7-1, DNV 2.7-2, DNV 2.7-3, BS EN 60079, IEC and ATEX), including compliance with SOLAS/IMO regulatory requirements for fire protection.

All OEG modular solutions are designed to optimise workspace efficiency, meet environmental and acoustic requirements, and house offshore personnel or specialist equipment in complete safety.

OEG Offshore's experienced technicians can assist with every aspect of installation and cabling of free issue equipment, air conditioning units and commissioning services. 

Module safeguards can include:

- A60 fire-rating
- Zone 1 and 2 for hazardous areas
- Blast rating
- J30 (Jet fire rating) for specific walls to provide personnel and equipment protection
- Fire and gas detection monitoring systems 
- Fire extinguishers/fire suppression systems


Project Experience 

Customer: Bluewater Energy - Lancaster Field Development
Single lift 15m x 5m x 4m J30 Fire Rated/Blast Rated Zone 2 VSD Module

- Customer equipment integration
- 15m x 5m x 4m module, single lift
- 2 VSDs and 11kVA HV Switchgear
- J30 Fire Rated/Blast Rated 
- DNVGL and NORSOK regulations
- 140 kW of cooling installed
- Zone 2 classification
- Integration with ‘Aoka Mizu’ FPSO in Dubai Drydocks


A60 / J30 Zone 2 ESP VSD offshore control module A60 / J30 Zone 2 ESP VSD offshore control module
Single lift 15m x 5m x 4m J30 Fire Rated/Blast Rated Zone 2 VSD Module delivered for Hurricane Energy plc's Early Production System development of the Lancaster field, west of Shetland. OEG's team carried out all structural and outfitting activities, mechanical installation of equipment, electrical wiring and termination of both Variable Speed Drives and High Voltage switchgear. Image shows the weather-protected recessed area housing the fire suppression system and utilities.
Installing Air Conditioning Units to the Offshore VSD module Internal view of VSD offshore module
Over 140 kW of cooling is installed on the top of the module roof to control the heat generated from the drives and switchgear. VSDs and high voltage switchgear successfully installed via a removable wall panel.

Customer: Baker Hughes
Norsok ESP VSD Control Module for the Ringhorne Platform

This module was designed in four individual sections due to the restriction in lift capacity of the platform crane. The four modules will be installed offshore and connected as a single module with the assistance of OEG technicians.

Norsok ESP VSD Control Module
A0 Zone 2 (ATEX Cat 3) Norsok ESP VSD control module to house 4-off VSDs built in accordance with customer technical specification
Norsok ESP VSD Control Module

Customer: Schlumberger
VSD Module for the Enquest Producer FPSO

- VSDs for submersible lift pumps
- Customer equipment integration
- Modular Solution Single Lift
- AISC Structural code / ABS Class
- A60/H60 Fire-rated / Blast Rated
- Zone 2 Classification
- 360 Kw of cooling


VSD Module for the Enquest Producer FPSO