550 Gal (2,082 Litre) Acid Tank

The 550 Gal (2,082 Litre) Acid Tank is built for safely moving hazardous fluids offshore. The tank is UN / DOT Certified and designed for corrosives, acids and solvents that are compatible with polyethylene. OEG Offshore's extensive range of fluid tanks are available from our global base network to support the offshore E&P industry.

Designed, tested, constructed, inspected with offshore identification markings to DNV 2.7-1, API RP 2A Sec. 2.4.2 C&D, SEPco Document OPS 0055, IMO/MSC Circular 860 & EN 12079

Tank: UN / D.O.T. certified (UN31H2/HM-181E).

2200 GAL (8,300 Litre) Acid Tank

IMDG Type 14, DNV2.7-1 Acid / Multi-cargo Tanks can be supplied in various capacities & configurations, 10ft ISO & 20ft ISO horizontal - with lined vessels to suit the corrosive nature of the acid / product. Available linings include: Coroflake 28, LLDPE, Chemoline, Butyle Rubber, GRP and Polyethelene. These tanks have "top" inlet and outlets, lined pipework and valves.

Chemical Compatibility Chart

A list of suitable and unsuitable substances for the OEG Offshore Acid Tank.