Mud Cutting Skips

OEG Offshore supply a complete line of DNV rated Mud Cuttings Skips for the safe containment and transfer of waste produced from offshore well drilling and completion processes. Also known in the industry as Cuttings Bins / Small and Large Drill Cuttings Boxes (SDCB or LDCB).

OEG's mud skips have been designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 / EN12079 and are suitable for drill cuttings, discarded mud and drilling fluids. Safety features such as lightweight lids for safe and easy lifting, opening and closing are incorporated as standard. Our offshore closed mud skip capacities range from 2.6m3 (16.5bbl) through to 6.4m3 (40bbl) and are available for sale or rental throughout our network of global facilities. Our offshore vacuum rated cuttings skips include capacities from 2.3m3 (15bbl) to 4m3 (25bbl).

Container Tipping Frames

There are two typical installations for Container Tipping Frames:
Alongside a sunken pit.
In this instance a Mark 3 CTF is installed on the edge of the pit. The Mark 3 CTF is fitted with a 2m³ tank which should be filled with water to improve the stability of the frame when the frame is installed at a fixed point. The pit may either be the final disposal point for the drill cuttings, or it may be buffer storage in front of a cuttings treatment process.

Straddling the wall of an above ground storage bin.
In this instance the Mark 4 CTF is installed over the wall of the pit. The discharge end of the CTF is supported on legs which extend down to the bottom of the pit. The pit may either be specifically for the cleaning of empty containers, or it may be buffer storage in front of a cuttings treatment process.