4 Cell Super Sack Transport Unit

OEG Offshore has designed and manufactured DNV 2.7-1 certified 20ft cargo baskets to securely contain and transport large 1,250 Kg bags used for drilling salt, soda ash and other downhole materials.
OEG has liaised with several major oil & gas operators and drilling contractors to find a solution to on-going problems of damaged bags and poor containment of product. Historically customers have rented 10ft Half Heights to transport the bags; however, they don't fit securely into the 10ft half heights without issues. Often the bags catch under the top rail.
The benefit of the OEG 4-cell super sack transport unit is the smooth, angled internal walls up to the top rail. This means that snagging the large capacity bags on offloading is eliminated; bags can be lifted in and out with ease.
The new unit has 4 individual partitions to prevent the bags shifting during transportation and more effectively contains the bags and product.