Over the years we have designed and built thousands of modular cabins to meet customers individual specifications, for almost every conceivable offshore activity.

In the process, we have developed valuable areas of product specialisation; pressurised cabins, local equipment rooms, extreme environment cabins and modules to house a variety of customers equipment from ROV controls to ESP Variable Speed Drives for critical offshore topsides and subsea operations.

        VSD Module Interior

Our engineering team and designers have a clear operational understanding of the size and weight constraints imposed by operations on brownfield and greenfield installations offshore and are able to design modular solutions from lightweight cabins, to larger integrated cabins and combinations of modular assemblies to suit any project challenge.

Cabins can also be designed to stack up to three units high on floating installations and four high on fixed installations where deck space is at a premium. Our team have built up a strong international reputation for delivering a high quality finished product against even the most challenging delivery schedules.

Service Cabins:

Whether your project requires a simple technician workshop or a fully-integrated Variable Speed Drive Module, our design engineers work from a thorough knowledge of our customers’ offshore operational requirements.

      lab interior  Exterior A60 CabinA60 laboratory moduleAll OEG modular solutions are designed to optimise work-space efficiency, meet environmental and acoustic requirements, and house our customers’ personnel or specialist equipment in complete safety. We manufacture all our cabins to the highest industry standards (ISO 10855, DNV 2.7-1, DNV 2.7-2, DNV 2.7-3, BS EN 60079, IEC and ATEX), including compliance with SOLAS/IMO regulatory requirements for fire protection.

State-of-the-art safety monitoring systems are incorporated, including an integrated PLC based fire and gas, pressurisation and emergency shutdown system suitable for Zone 1 applications.

Our experienced technicians can integrate data communication networks, fire suppression, air conditioning and other systems to ensure rapid mobilisation and easy hook-up to the host installation on arrival offshore.  

Specialised Offshore Modules:

Our designers have extensive experience in designing bespoke modular units and producing larger cabins up to 200 tonnes in split-module formats designed for easy on-site integration and commissioning of customers equipment. We have designed and manufactured modules with specialist fire ratings from A0, A60, H0, H60, H120, J30 fire classification incorporating blast protection from 100 mb up to 1000 mb in order to meet customers specific installation requirements.  

A60 Welding workshop        

 H60 VSD Module in transport

Our years of experience in outfitting specialised modules enables us to integrate and test many different types of customer-supplied systems and equipment prior to the modules being mobilised saving valuable time offshore during installation and hook up to the host installation.

As a standard procedure, all our units are supplied with a comprehensive data dossier comprising as-built drawings, material certificates, an operation and maintenance book, an installation and hook-up procedure and OEM data on the installed products. We also have your electronic data book available online to make it convenient for access from any computer where ever you are located. 

Offshore Module - Bluewater

Specialist Modules OEG has Designed and Manufactured Include: 

ROV control and workshop cabins, Local equipment rooms, Variable speed drive modules, Switchgear modules, Analyser modules, Gymnasia/Saunas, Drillers’ control cabins, MWD/LWD cabins, Freezer units, Offices, Laboratories, Document stores, Transformer rooms,  Technician cabins, Overnight shelters, Control rooms, Racker Cabins, Radio shacks, Paint stores, Coffee/tea shacks, Leak-test cabins, Telecoms Cabins, Dive control cabins, Temporary refuge modules, Zoned cabins, Well Plug & Abandonment Cabins, Wireline control cabins, Safe area cabins, Decommissioning Modules, VFD Equipment Modules, Recreation rooms, Workshops/spares cabins.


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