Rental and sale - 20ft and 40ft T75 Cryogenic ISO Tanks

OEG offers a new fleet of 20ft and 40ft T75 Cryogenic ISO tank containers to the Industrial Gas market from our global base network. The tanks are specifically used for the transportation and storage of Class 2 refrigerated liquified gases. The cryogenic tanks are double wall vacuum with state-of-the-art multi-layered super-insulation specially designed with international approvals for products such as Nitrogen (LIN), Oxygen (LOX), Argon (LAR), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrous Oxide (N20), Ethylene and LNGs with a higher working pressure of 22 bar.

Given OEG’s commitment and presence in every continent, our dedicated staff are committed and trained to handle cryogenic tank containers.

  • Suitable for LIN / LOX / LAR / CO2 / N20 / Methane / Ethylene / Ethane / LNG
  • Design code IMDG, ISO 1496-3, RID, ADR, ASME VIII, Div1., US DOT,
  • DOT49CFR, TIR, TC, Australian Registration, DOSH
  • Approvals CCC, CSC, Lloyd’s Register
  • Inner vessel is stainless steel with 2 stainless steel transverse plate baffles
  • Vacuum with multi-layer super insulation