Dangerous Goods Containers

OEG can supply offshore containers suitable for storing a range of hazardous goods such as oil, paint, diesel, chemicals and hazardous materials. In addition, custom build designs are available for purchase and can be manufactured to suit a specific product or application.

10ft dangerous goods container hazardous goods container
10ft Dangerous Goods Container with ventilation ducts 10ft Dangerous Goods Container with bunded and raised grating floor
Mini container for hazardous goods test
Mini Container for hazardous goods Mini container with bunded and raised grating floor


- Extensive range of container sizes available including mini containers and half-height containers
- Designed and manufactured to the latest DNV 2.7-1 and ISO 10855 offshore container standards
- Supplied with certified offshore lifting sets
- Forklift pockets design on all units for easy access or manoeuvring


- All units have multiple internal tie-down points for securing cargo and tag line securing points
- Weathertight doors with seals, protection locking bars and door handle


- Standard 8ft, 10ft and 20ft: All certified with corner castings designed for stacking and locking of units during transportation. CSC approved for International Shipping

Bund Features

- Removable & galvanized louvres/ducts to enhance ventilation and airflow  
- Design minimises dangerous internal fume build-up
- Bunded and raised grating floor
- All designed with removable grating floor
- Drain ball valve in bund wall to allow for safe discharge of chemicals
- Ideal for storing oils, paints, diesel, chemicals and hazardous materials
- For onshore storage of chemical drums and IBCs
- Can be equipped with shelves

Spill Containment Bunds - Build to Order

Essentially the bund is a spill containment module that can be inserted into a 10ft or 20ft dry goods container or open top container and be used for transporting drums, IBCs etc.

spill containment bund  

offshore cargo basket bund