OEG Offshore is an official distributor of Enelift's revolutionary Hinge-Lok® transportation system in the UK, Norway and Brazil.

Enelift’s innovative Hinge-Lok® system is a full aluminium, non-welded lightweight transportation cradle used for safe and efficient transportation of casing, tubing and drill pipe. This system provides customers with a technological solution that puts environmental and operational performance at the forefront.

Through its small footprint and ability to accommodate various sizes of tubular within the same frame, Hinge-Lok® systems also provide superior safety through the reduction of on and offshore manual handling, helps reduce your carbon footprint and delivers a significant reduction in lifts and associated costs for customers' ongoing operations.


❓ When the crew offshore are dismantling the Hinge-Lok system, where do they store the bolts used to secure each layer of crossbeams?
✔️ Because of the patented Hinge-Lok locking device, no bolts are required to secure each crossbeam. It’s a simple one-hand operation to remove each lightweight crossbeam.

❓ Do we need to order a Hinge-Lok system to cover each pipe size?
✔️ No, this is not necessary. The specially designed crossbeam profile allows the same system to be used for various pipe sizes, reducing the number of systems required to cover your operation. For example: 6 5/8” crossbeam covers pipe size from 6 5/8” to 7 5/8”.

❓ Does the Hinge-Lok system take up more deck space compared to traditional methods?
✔️ No, the Hinge-Lok system will take up less deck space compared to traditional bundling methods.

❓ Can the Hinge-Lok system be used for chrome tubulars? Are there any issues with the wire rope slings, shackles and master link coming in contact with the tubular?
✔️ This is not an issue. The integrated sling system is a Dyneema sling system. This system has no wire rope slings, no shackles, or master link that can come in contact with the chrome pipe.

❓ Are there any welds within the critical parts of the Hinge-Lok system that require regular inspection?
✔️ No, the lifting uprights and crossbeams are all made from extruded aluminium profiles that are then machined to the specific pipe size. As a result there have no welds within the main structure of the Hinge-Lok system.

❓ Has there ever been an occasion where a client could not use a Hinge-Lok system due to limitations on the rig?
✔️ No, this has have never occurred. The standard Hinge-Lok system and the integrated sling system allows the system to cover any client requirement.

Find out more about the Hinge-Lok system on their website.