Temporary office cabins are designed to optimise workspace efficiency, meet environmental and acoustic requirements, and house your personnel and specialist equipment in complete safety.

They can be outfitted to perform any number of functions to suit your exact project requirements. And wherever your next project takes you, our designs have been developed to meet the demands of regulatory standards worldwide and as well as harsh offshore conditions. 

Offshore Office Module
 20ft x 8ft DNV 2.7-1/DNV 2.7-2 A60 Safe Area Office Cabin
Offshore office cabin
20ft x 8ft DNV 2.7-1 A60 Zone II Pressurised Office Cabin


Laboratory Cabin A60
A60 configured as a laboratory

As a standard procedure, all our units are supplied with a comprehensive data dossier comprising as-built drawings, material certificates, an operation and maintenance book, installation and hook-up procedure and OEM data on the installed products. We also have your databook available online to make it convenient for access from any computer where ever you are located.


Offshore Workspace 8 desk arrangement Offshore Laboratory Workspace Offshore Workspace Module 2 man

A60 workspace modules provide a safe and comfortable working environment, with flexible configurations to suit your personnel requirements and application.

Specialist modules designed and manufactured include:

ROV control and workshop cabins, Local Equipment Rooms, Variable Speed Drive modules, Switchgear modules, Analyser modules, Gymnasia/Saunas, Drillers’ control cabins, MWD/LWD cabins, Freezer units, Offices, Laboratories, Document stores, Transformer rooms,  Technician cabins, Overnight shelters, Control rooms, Racker Cabins, Radio shacks, Paint stores, Coffee/tea shacks, Leak-test cabins, Telecoms Cabins, Dive control cabins, Temporary refuge modules, Zoned cabins, Well Plug & Abandonment Cabins, Wireline control cabins, Safe area cabins, Decommissioning Modules, VFD Equipment Modules, Recreation rooms, Workshops/spares cabins.

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