Offshore Waste Compactor 

The robust design ensures simple and safe operation and the compaction capability of the unit reduces the cost of waste disposal and valuable storage space. The unit also has a sanitizer spray to eradicate any unpleasant odours.


  • Robust offshore structure
  • Economical and reliable solution for large producers of general waste offshore
  • Personnel Safety cage
  • Certified 4 point Lifting
  • Easy operation
  • Full documentation
  • 1" airline - primed and ready
  • 40,000 lb force developed
  • Small footprint
  • 45 Gallon drum crushing facility
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low operating costs

Dimensions: 1050 x 1650 x 2700mm (40" x 65" x 106")
Weight : 2100kg (4620lb)
Air consumption : 60SCFM
Air Pressure : 6.2 - 7.5barg (90 - 110psig)
Bags: Polypropylene Interwoven bags
Bag SWL: 1250 kg (2750 lb) with a 5:1 safety factor
Bag Capacity: 0.85m3 (30 cu ft)
Fail-Safe: Interlock isolates air supply when the safety gate is opened
Paint: Offshore 3 coat paint system
Lifting: Load tested and certified by 3rd party
Loading height: 1200mm (47")

Offshore Waste Compactor Operations Panel

By compacting waste, our customers achieve their operational goals by increasing profit, efficiency, and safety. Some of the very basic benefits of compacting waste include reduced costs associated with the disposal of waste, maximization of space, the promotion of a cleaner environment and reduced carbon footprint. Compaction directly into big bags allows for easy and safe deployment of waste.

The OEG Offshore Waste Compactor has a proven track record spanning more than 10 years on offshore Oil & Gas installations. No hidden installation costs – just locate the unit, connect a 1" air supply hose and you’re ready to smash your trash.

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