OEG Offshore's workshop container range has been designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with DNV 2.7-1/ISO 10855, and can meet the exacting requirements of NORSOK Z-015 and DNV 2.7.2. We have also manufactured to DNV 2.7-3 and A60 fire classification for bespoke requirements. 

Whether it's a mini-workshop for occasional repairs or a permanent custom build workshop, your offshore workspace plays a critical part in the efficiency and safety of your offshore personnel. OEG is one of the leading integrators and designers of workspace solutions for offshore applications. We have unrivalled experience and expertise in delivering flexible and operational-led solutions that are tailored to our customer's offshore needs. Our customers can be assured of the best design, cost-effective solution, quality and functionality, all backed by the highest levels of aftersales service and support.

Standard Offshore Workshops

  Outside Dims (mm) Outside Dims (ft) Tare Weights (kgs) Payload (kgs) Max Gross Weight (kgs)
Mini Workshop Containers 1666 x 1912 x 2796 5ft 6" x 6ft 4" x 9ft 3" 1800 3770 5570
10 ft Workshop Containers 3048 x 2438 x 2621 9ft 10" x 8ft x 8ft 6" 2365 7750 10115
15 ft Workshop Containers 4632 x 2438 x 2591 14ft 11" x 8ft x 8ft 6" 2940 9710 12650
20 ft Workshop Containers 6058 x 2438 x 2591 19ft 11" x 8ft x 8ft 6in 3750 15000 18750


Offshore Workshop Container

Our workshop units are supplied as standard with a certified lifting assembly and fitted with integrated forklift pockets for ease of yard loading / offloading and stacking if necessary. Standard CCU workshops are also supplied with a door safety net.

Workshop modules can be custom built to suit a specific application or we can provide standard workshops from stock with benches and shelving.  

Specialist workshop units can be fitted out with runway beams, jib crane, tool racks, vices, benches, welding tables, cupboards, drawers, bakers vice, drills, grinders, pneumatic systems, water systems and local fire extinguishers in addition to our customer's specific technical requirements.

Units can be supplied fully wired with electric power including lights, power sockets 110v / 230v / 440v 3ph, air conditioning, ventilation, bench equipment and power supplies for customers equipment.  

Workshop designs can also incorporate personnel access doors, cargo doors, emergency escape hatches, windows/vision panels, cable transits and a range of other customer specified penetrations such as bulkhead plates, tool hatches, pipe penetrations and structural connections/brackets. 

welding workshop

To provide maximum flexibility over the life of the workshop, internal walls can be fitted with Unistrut to allow for quick installation of customer equipment and allow for future expansion and installation of equipment. Electrical equipment can also be provided for safe area operation or certified suitable for use in zone 1 / zone 2 hazardous areas offshore to suit customers specific requirements and operational use.

20ft Offshore Workshop Container

In the ever-increasing fight for real estate offshore where deck space and crane capacity is limited, we have been working closely with our customers and developed a fully equipped 6ft mini workshop / tool container. This lightweight and flexible tool container weighs in at around 1950 kgs with a max gross weight of 5500 kgs. This unit can be outfitted to suit any specific application to provide a safe and efficient environment offshore. Zone 1 / 2 certified electrical can also be incorporated or pneumatic lighting as an alternative. 

Mini Offshore Workshop Container

As well as general use workshops we have designed and delivered;

  • Rigging lofts and workshop
  • Electrical workshop and stores
  • Tool storage workshop
  • Repair workshops
  • Welder workshop
  • Deck general workshop and stores
  • Tool testing workshops
  • ROV component workshop
  • Instrument workshop
  • Specialist paint stores
  • Subsea equipment workshops
  • Drilling equipment workshops
  • Well plug & abandonment support workshops
  • Wireline workshops
  • Workover workshops and spares stores
  • Renewables maintenance workshop

Talk to us about our integrated workshop solutions for your next project ... We are only limited by imagination ... 

Offshore Workshop Bench and Vice

Our experienced design team are experts in the configuration of customised workshops and stores for both sales and rental contracts. We regularly offer bespoke design or specific modifications to standard designs as the most effective solutions for specialist applications.  

Recent workshop designs have included high specification units to support offshore decommissioning operations, well plug and abandonment activities and subsea installation & production activities.

We are committed to promote efficiency and optimise operational safety in order to enhance customer satisfaction and image.

10ft Offshore Workshop Container 15ft Offshore Workshop Container 20ft Offshore Spares Container

10ft DNV 2.7-1 Zone 2 Offshore Workshop fully equipped with movable workbench, movable storage cabinets, hanging hooks, parts bins, lockable quarantine bin, first aid kit, eyewash station, engineers vice, racking & lighting. Fitted with unistrut for maximum flexibility.

15ft DNV 2.7-1 Workshop Container for offshore use fitted with Zone 2 (ATEX Cat 3) lighting, heating, workbench, engineers vice, lockable storage, first aid kit, eyewash station and heavy duty shelving.


20ft DNV 2.7-1 Spares Container equipped to meet Zone 2 (ATEX Cat 3) hazardous area requirements including; secure cabinets for storage of spare parts and consumables for subsea production activities. Fitted with double doors, personnel door, escape hatch, emergency lighting, first aid kit, eyewash station and fire extinguisher.

Offshore Rigging Loft

10ft Workshop Container  10ft workshop container with first aid kit
10ft DNV 2.7-1 safe area rigging loft with shelving, shackle rack, wall bars, hanging hooks and lighting. 10ft DNV 2.7-1 Multi-Purpose safe area workshop with double doors, side personnel door, bench, lighting, power sockets, airline connections and air conditioning. This unit was insulated and lined for comfort.

10ft DNV 2.7-1 Zone 2 (ATEX Cat 3) Workshop with power, lighting, lockable cabinets, workbench, vice, first aid kit and eyewash station.

20ft DNV 2.7-1 Zone 2 Wireline Workshop Container 17ft offshore fabrication workshop module 20ft offshore insulated workshop
20ft DNV 2.7-1, Zone 2, Wireline Workshop Container complete with lighting, power sockets, air conditioning, overhead retractable trolley beam rated 500kg, airline connections, workbench with engineers vice, workstations, tool racking, storage cabinets for tools and spares. This unit was insulated and lined for comfort. 17ft DNV 2.7-1, A0 fire rated safe area (Pressurised) welding/fabrication workshop including; overhead fixed and retractable trolley beams 250kg, heavy duty fabrication workbenches, storage cabinets for tools and equipment, fume extraction system c/w flexible fume extraction arms. 20ft DNV 2.7-1, Non rated Safe Area Workshop including; double doors, personnel entrance door, air conditioning, lockable storage cabinets for tools and equipment, stainless steel workbench and workstations, HATMAT cabinets, lighting, power sockets and airline connections. This unit was insulated and lined for comfort.
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