PWS has an extensive rental fleet of portable welfare solutions suitable for a broad range of applications in the oil and gas, renewables, nuclear, defence and specialist construction sectors.

The welfare multi-unit is lightweight, easy to deploy and features non-permeable tanks that prevent spillage of waste during lifting and transportation. They exceed the welfare needs of offshore and specialist construction sites and all units are manufactured in the UK, ready for mobilisation from our global network.

Welfare multi-units are available for rental in the following configurations: toilets, showers (chemical, standard and emergency), eye wash/first aid units, mini rigging/tool lofts and wide access units.

Portable welfare unit offshore


Safety – One of the main KPIs measured on an offshore wind project is the total number of ladder climbs to transfer from a vessel to an asset. By utilising the multi-unit it has been demonstrated that there is a considerable reduction in project risk by simply reducing the number of transfers for comfort breaks.

Productivity – During the initial deployments it was found that the multi-units saved on average 1.4hrs per day/ per technician of productivity as detailed in the table below. This amounts to an increase in productivity of 17.5% which is considerable when dealing with optimising offshore working time.

PWS is licensed by The Environment Agency to handle all waste generated by the units under license number CBDU186152.