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Pegasus Welfare Solutions Ltd, an OEG Offshore company is the only industry certified supplier of crane-able welfare units.

Our units are tested and certified for use in several environments including:

  • Offshore Oil & Gas / Renewables / Nuclear
  • Military Environments
  • Specialist Welfare Locations
  • Tunnelling
  • Infrastructure


The Pegasus Welfare Multi-Unit

The unit has a fully granted patent (1713718) on its offshore units. All Welfare systems are manufactured in the UK and can be mobilised anywhere within the UK or internationally.


PWS certified integrated welfare unit

Easily Deployed

Leak Free Tank System

Lightweight lifting frame from marine grade aluminium - on and offshore 
A leak prevention tank system during lifting and when static 

Cleaned and Maintained

Safe Working Load

Disposal, cleaning and waste management tasks by a registered body 
Caring and concerned about their workers’ welfare 


PWS - Safety and productivity impact

Fewer Crew Transfers

Fewer Ladder Climbs

Less time on crew transfers means greater productivity, time saved and therefore increasing productivity. Something every developer wants.
Innovation instantly offered added value by delivering an additional safety impact by cutting ladder climbs and crew transfers, a key target during construction phases.

Benefits of the multi units

Safety - KPIs measure the number of ladder climbs to transfer from a vessel to an asset
Safety 82.5%

Reducing the number of transfers for comfort breaks


Productivity - optimising offshore working time
Productivity 17.5%

Increased productivity saved 1.4 hours per day / per technician