A60 Cabin Service

Our fleet management service is based upon a planned, fixed-price, long-term programme which can incorporate routine cabin maintenance, agreed upgrades or refurbishments, regular servicing, ongoing compliance with regulatory codes and full on-line certification. This type of reliable expert support is increasingly welcomed by our customers who are working from a "life of asset" perspective.  

From our Aberdeen Facility this service can be provided on an ad-hoc basis for the servicing or refurbishment of a single cabin or we can provide a turnkey fleet management service that allows you to concentrate on core activities in the knowledge that your fleet is in safe hands.

If you need one A60 cabin or fleet of ten A60 cabins serviced we have extensive experience and capability to undertake this on an ad-hoc basis to get your A60 fleet back in action quickly. Our dedicated technicians provide a thorough multi-point service check across a wide range of A60 Cabin designs and configurations covering;

  • A60 cabin electrical distribution
  • All cabling / glands
  • Fire & Gas system
  • Pressurisation system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Architectural doors/hatches
  • Piping
  • EX equipment inspection and register updates
  • General touch up paint
  • Visual inspection of cabin and lifting assembly
  • Certifying authority sign off / Operators sign off     
A60 Cabin Refurbishment and Upgrades

Our experienced engineering team and workshop technicians can offer advice on anything from direct replacement OEM parts through to upgraded equipment to meet the latest industry standards and regulatory requirements. We work with our customers to provide a fully detailed scope of work ensuring complete visibility prior to commencing.

workshop technician

For some customers refurbishment or upgrading an A60 cabin or A60 module is a cost effective solution to a new build modular solution. It can also offer lead time advantages where project deadlines are critical. Our refurbishment team have successfully completed hundreds of module upgrades and refurbs over the years which can range from;

  • Replacement A60 doors & hatches
  • Interior wall repairs
  • Structural repairs and painting
  • Flooring repairs or replacement
  • Roller paint or full blast and paint with logos and decals
  • Upgrades to NORSOK Z-015 standard
  • Upgrades to DNV 2.7-2 standard
  • Complete furniture refit and reconfigure
  • Upgrades from safe area to Zone 2 hazardous area
  • Installation of air conditioning, supply air fans
  • Adding A60 cable transits, A60 windows, doors and hatches 
Scheduled Maintenance Programs :

OEG offer a hassle free A60 cabin maintenance program which can be custom tailored to suit our customers specific needs. This service program typically covers;

  • Identification of A60 cabins to be included in the program
  • Initial survey to establish condition
  • Recommended service based on A60 cabin utilisation
  • Agree program scope of work and any upgrades
  • Review documentation and Ex register of equipment
  • Certifying authority inspections 
  • Visual inspections of A60 Cabin structure and lifting assembly
  • Ad-hoc damage repair

service technicians inside A60 module checking systems

Ex Equipment Inspection Services :

As industry leaders in modular solutions we are fully equipped to respond to various national and international technical requests from our customers - from simple advice regarding A60 cabin certifications to detailed technical reports and inspections to satisfy operator requirements. 

A60 cabin refurbishment service technicians

OEG dedicated qualified and experienced team of COMPEX certified technicians located at our Aberdeen Facility can provide a comprehensive range of services for inspection and maintenance of Ex certified equipment, compliant with EN 60079-17:2014.

  • Survey & data gathering of Ex equipment
  • Healthcare & audit checks on Ex equipment
  • Client Ex equipment register management
  • Visual & detailed inspections of Ex equipment
  • Provision of planned inspection and maintenance schedules
  • Installation & testing of High Voltage electrics
A60 Cabin and Module Spare Parts :

With a comprehensive knowledge of A60 cabin parts and components we are in the position to offer availability from our Aberdeen and Singapore base facilities. In addition we can arrange all necessary logistics to get your parts delivered to exactly where you need them anywhere in the world. We can also supply parts on an individual basis ad-hoc and when required or provide a comprehensive schedule of parts for each of our modular units to reduce valuable down time in the field.

Our experienced staff can offer advice on anything from direct replacement OEM parts through to upgraded equipment to meet the latest industry standards and regulatory requirements.

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