OEG Offshore provides specialist Chemical Management Solutions for the storage, transportation of chemicals and other essential oilfield fluids. OEG offer only the highest quality tanks and equipment to provide safe, robust and reliable methods of chemical handling; protecting personnel, the environment and the products.

The benefits of OEG Chemical Management Solutions;

  • Cost savings by tailored solutions to meet customers application
  • Full service and product integration
  • Extremely transparent and efficient
  • Time savings thanks to streamlined processes

The Core Services we provide in Chemical Management Solutions;

Chemical Storage

We offer a variety of safe and cost effective storage and stock management solutions to meet our customers short term or long term demands. 

These compliant storage solutions include:

The provision of bulk storage tanks

  • provisions for electronic level system & remote telemetry
  • bunded storage tanks
  • provisions to gas blanket the tanks if required to maintain specification on chemical stored
  • dedicated high & low flow chemical loading /unloading dispensing systems with metering & overfill  protection that enable efficient, safe and reliable handling of chemicals 
Warehouse capacity
  • storage of both finished goods and raw materials
  • the storage capability for IBCs, drums or palletised chemicals
  • segregated bunded warehouse floor
  • safe convenient access for receipt and dispatch

Along with the above storage solutions we provide:

  • An experienced team that has valuable local knowledge that gives our customers peace of mind that their valuable goods & customers are being looked after
  • Quality Control samples where required by the customer
  • Inventory management
  • Monthly product stock level reporting

 Bulk tank storage

Handling of Products for Dispatch

Working in an environment where dangerous chemicals are regularly handled requires a serious focus on health and safety of personnel and for the environment. That’s why our experienced operators ensure that all safety precautions are in place for protection at all times from injury or long term health issues that certain chemicals can induce.

Our goal is to provide our customers with an integrated service that will create the most valuable solution for their business. Our typical services will incorporate; Dispatch request, receipt management, filtration, repacking & decanting, labelling, sampling and Quality Control testing, goods movement, loading and transporting to customers designated hub or quayside. This includes;

  • Sealing of tanks before dispatch offshore (if applicable)
  • Cargo summary (if applicable)
  • Tank certificate (if applicable)
  • Dangerous goods note
  • Dispatch paperwork;
  • Material safety data sheet
  • Dispatch certificate
  • Labelling in accordance with the regulatory requirements



OEG blend, dilute and distribute a vast range of chemicals used in many areas of oil & gas production and manufacturing. We place a large emphasis on working closely with our customers on all projects in order to meet the specific requirements of each blend. Using our vast experience, knowledge of the sometimes harsh local conditions and industry knowledge,  our main goal is to provide our customers with appropriate and cost-effective solutions. Our highly-trained staff can offer custom blending, mixing and sampling services.

  • Supply of tanks, IBCs, drums to suit customers application
  • All documentation ensuring traceability
  • Blends controlled as per formulation and blending guidelines provided by the customer
  • Blending facilities in Darwin
  • Blending of individual batches in various quantities
  • Final quality control testing of batches

 Chemical Blending and Storage services


Carrying goods by road or rail involves the risk of traffic accidents. If the goods are dangerous, there is also the risk of incidents, such as spillage, leading to hazards such as fire, explosion, chemical burn or environmental damage.

OEG have extensive experience in the transportation of hazardous goods, which is why you can rely on us to deliver safely, efficiently and on time.

As part of the integrated service we provide;

  • Drivers trained in pump discharge operations, equipped with necessary PPE
  • All drivers ADR accredited
  • In house Dangerous goods
  • All vehicles fully ADR compliant
  • Accredited to IS09001


Chemical Filtration Services
OEG Offshore can provide a fully portable chemical filtration system to the oil and gas chemical sector. 

OEG's compact, mobile laboratory unit enables a qualified technician to complete a particle count on the filtered chemical at any customer location, using an optical microscope to determine the concentration of particles from the filtration process.

chemical filtration

Optical Microscope to determine particles from the filtration process

A recent chemical filtration contract included the filtration of methanol from the main supply tank to a portable offshore tank to achieve a NAS 6 classification from the filtration cycles. 

 Chemical filtration services

OEG Offshore technician carrying out chemical filtration in Labuan.

OEG Offshore has carried out a number of filtration contracts as well as fuel installation services, bulk chemical storage and management throughout Australia, South East Asia and beyond.

Bulk Fuel Storage

We offer technical advice on cost effective solutions to match your needs, sales or rental of equipment, managed life cycle support including inspections and servicing. We even explain the rules and regulations so you are fully aware and we are just a phone call away if there is anything else you need assistance with. 

  • Bespoke system designs
  • Project management, engineering and drafting
  • Customer fuel installation site audits
  • Training for users
  • Spill kits and ancillary equipment

We offer our customers the chance to leverage years of our experience in the fuel installation industry and we have assisted hundreds of organisations in a diverse range of industries to build flexible, robust and scalable systems more efficiently. We have a wide range of activities offering customers practical and experienced driven solutions.

OEG has the expertise and capability to deliver everything needed to build a comprehensive fuel storage, management and distribution system tailored to your specific business needs.

Bulk chemical storage facility

Key features of our installation services;

  • Experienced installation technicians
  • Offering a complete package from initial concept to finished installation
  • We are providing tested and proven solutions that are durable and capable of withstanding harsh conditions
  • To develop the most cost effective solution associated with the needs of our customers
  • Lifecycle support through our programmed maintenance planning
  • Our focus is always on quality and continual monitoring to ensure compliance with industry safety and environmental standards

Some of the projects we have been involved with over the years;

Bulk Diesel Station PAWA diesel storage tanks
The Power & Water Authority in Darwin Australia required a new bulk diesel station to run a large generator set that supplies 3 phase power to run water pumps used to maintain water supply in suburban areas of Darwin. Territory Parks & Wildlife bulk diesel installation at a remote national park in East Arnhem land, Northern Territory, Australia. Comprising 4 x 25,000 litre diesel storage tanks, Gen-set day tanks. OEG completed the site installation which also included an 800m long underground diesel fuel line to the marine landing area. Power and water authority Ramo Tank install and was completed for the Power & Water Authority in the remote community of Ramingining. Bulk diesel installation included a series of self bunded tanks for the storage of diesel for the gen-sets providing power to the community

Our extensive project experience and highly trained technicians ensure that refuelling installations or programmed service work is carried out to the highest quality standard, is reliable and compliant with all local & Australian standard requirements of AS 1940:2017. 

Additional services we provide :
Safety Audits / Reviews

Our on-site Safety Advisors ensure that we operate the highest standard of facilities and processes for safe chemical handling in accordance with industry regulations. We offer this as a service to our customers to provide an independent audit of their facilities to ensure compliance with the regulations and their existing management systems.

Tank Rental

OEG operates a wide range of transportable chemical tanks designed, manufactured and tested in full compliance with the relevant industry standards; 

  • IMDG / ADR classifications / DNV 2.7-1 / EN12079 / ISO10855.


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