OEG are leading suppliers of offshore aviation services from our established network of global bases. Our highly qualified and skilled team can provide operators and platform owners packaged solutions to meet their specific aviation requirements. 

From inspection services compliant to UK CAA CAP 437 to rental or purchase of helifuel systems, tanks and associated spares, OEG Offshore offer a one stop solution for your offshore aviation needs.

Through the acquisition of Harran Limited, a leading offshore aviation refuelling services specialist, customers have access to a wider range of helifuel equipment and services from locations in the UK and worldwide. 

Our high-regarded team has over 30 years of inspection experience in the offshore aviation industry.  Our main areas of expertise include Offshore Helideck and Helifuel System Inspections to UK CAA CAP 437 as well as Refuelling Operator Training, Helideck Surface Friction Testing along with Maintenance, Spare Parts and Consumable Supply.  

As regulations change, we keep customers informed of the updated requirements to ensure compliance with the current CAP 437 regulations and deliver best industry practices for our customers.

Helifuel Audit Inspection / Offshore Fuel Installation Inspection :

We offer 3 monthly, 6 monthly and 12 month audit inspections of Helicopter Fuelling Systems in compliance to the UK CAA CAP 437 Guidance Standard.  Our helifuel services also include commissioning, testing, maintenance, refurbishment and upgrade of offshore systems and components to UK CAA CAP 437. We can also provide testing procedures including hose pressure tests and flow meter calibration tests. We supply a full range of system spare parts and consumables, fuel sampling equipment and fuel delivery and transfer hoses.

Helifuel system pump drive alignment inspection - Harran

Offshore fuel installation inspections and audits should be conducted to ensure that all maintenance procedures required by fuel system manufacturer, local aviation authority and any other regulatory body requirement are strictly followed. Contact OEG Offshore and speak to our experienced technicians.

 Helideck Pre-Inspection Service

OEG Offshore provide a pre-inspection service which involves a checklist and reporting process with recommended advisories to meet the minimum design, maintenance, and equipment requirements for CAP 437 standards.

The visual pre-inspection service of an installation or vessel will support the customer to safely operate and administrate an offshore helideck, in accordance with the latest edition of the UK Civil Aviation Authority publication CAP 437, ‘Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas’ required in the UKCS.

This interim visual inspection service is intended to support the customer to meet the CAP 437 standards prior to any official authoritative body examination and certification process.

Helideck Inspection Audit - Lighting
Experts in Helideck Surface Friction Testing :

We also offer Helideck Surface Friction Testing to verify compliance with UK CAA CAP 437 ch.3.7 recommendations for the safe removal of a helideck landing net.

Helideck Friction Testing is carried out on offshore installations, FPSO vessels, military vessels and commercial yachts using the Micro Grip Tester which is approved and currently meets CAP 437 requirements. An electronic print out is included in a written report.

Technician carrying out a helideck surface friction test on a north sea oil platform

Helideck Duty Holder Audit -  OEG can also provide our customers with an interim duty holder Helideck Audit report (CAP 437).  The auditing complements our helideck friction testing, and both services can be undertaken by our fully trained engineers offering considerable savings in terms of bed space and flights.

Helideck Duty Holder Audit

OEG Offshore is experienced in working to weather-dependent schedules of the offshore industry.

Refueller Operator Training :

OEG provides practical, 'hands-on' training courses based on our experience and knowledge of worldwide offshore rules and regulations including UK CAA CAP 437, Australian CASA and APPEA.

Offshore Aviation Nozzle Strainer Inspection Training

The focus of our course is to ensure the Helicopter Refuelling System Operator has all the competences required to safely deliver clean fuel to helicopters.

Course Contents and Objectives:

  • Daily sampling requirements, log sheet entry, receipt of fuel as per CAP 437
  • Ensuring basic checks are in place to confirm the operability of the system
  • Understanding quality assurance routines and responsibilities
  • Understanding fuel quality problems and the ability to deal with contamination
  • Understanding of world's best practice rules and regulations to ensure compliance
  • Understanding the HSE aspects of handling Jet A-1 fuel
  • Familiarise the operator with the main components and characteristics of an offshore refuelling system
  • Awareness of potential safety problems and the contingencies to be in place
Helifuel System Design and Manufacture :

We are leading experts in the design, build and manufacture of helicopter refuelling packages for rental or purchase.

Harran refuelling systems are developed to ensure that only clean, uncontaminated, and water-free fuel is delivered to the aircraft with maximum safety.

The standard Harran refuelling system refuels aircraft of all types by the over-wing, or under-wing refuelling method. Derivatives based on this well-proven system are manufactured to suit particular requirements, for example, on offshore installations the system can be tailored to suit space and weight constraints, deck elevation and available utilities etc.

Safety systems including fire detection/protection and/or Jettison arrangements are available according to requirements.

All refuelling systems and equipment are fully compliant to the internationally recognised offshore guidance standard UK CAA CAP 437.  Systems can be built and configured to each customer's project requirements. 

Our approach has always been to deliver the highest level of technical expertise combined with reliability and excellent customer service.  Harran provides full project support during all stages of any work scope along with onsite commissioning of the helicopter refuelling system by a highly-skilled and competent Harran systems engineer, at any global location.

To discuss your helifuel system requirements and technical specifications please contact our project team today.  e: sales@harran.co.uk 


Examples of our latest design and build projects:

Helicopter refuelling system

Helicopter refuelling systems comprising of dispensing cabinets and pump units designed and manufactured by Harran Ltd for Apache's Beryl Alpha & Bravo platforms.


Offshore helifuel dispensing cabinet

Offshore helifuel dispensing cabinet - part of a large refuelling package designed and built for Saipem.  

Laydown Skids :

As part of a helicopter refuelling system, customers can request a laydown skid to protect the Jet A-1 portable tanks and the pump unit during refuelling operations. Harran design and build laydown skids to suit different configurations and support the safe delivery of aviation fuel in harsh offshore environments anywhere in the world. 

Laydown skid part of a helicopter refuelling system

Laydown skid - Saipem Kaombo

OEG can supply complete packages for rental or outright purchase, as well as the full range of spare parts and fuel sampling equipment.  All refuelling systems and equipment are fully compliant to the internationally recognised offshore guidance standard UK CAA CAP 437.  Systems can be built and configured to each customer's purpose.  Technical specifications and equipment package details are available on request. 

Helifuel Sampling Shelters :

We can also design and supply weatherproof shelters for onshore and offshore helifuel QC sampling checks.  Built to customers' specifications, the shelter is fully customisable in terms of footprint and internal configuration with shelving, storage lockers, bench, windows etc. 

Helifuel Sampling Cabinet Helifuel sampling shelter
Helifuel sampling shelter designed and built for the North Cormorant platform Custom-fit out with shelving, a storage unit with roller shutter door, security window and access door.
Helifuel System Upgrades and Refurbishment :

Harran provides a high-quality refurbishment and upgrades service for all offshore helicopter refuelling systems and components to CAP 437 standard. 
Harran’s highly experienced service engineers and workshop technicians provide a cost-effective service solution as an alternative to replacement of expensive helifuel components such as couplings, nozzles, pumps & air motors. 
A full refurbishment service includes strip down, repair, testing and recertification along with a detailed report.

Refurbishment of helifuel nozzle

Harran's skilled service engineers and workshop technicians routinely carry out pressure tests on helifuel couplings after strip down and repair.

An example of the high standards of Harran's refurbishment work is pictured below with the major overall and rebuild of the helicopter refuelling system for the Gryphon FPSO. This transformation was carried out to the highest industry standards whilst ensuring a cost-effective solution for the client through the life extension of the helifuel unit.


Helicopter Refuelling System Before Refurbishment Helicopter Refuelling System After Refurbishment


Spares Support and Consumable Supply :

Our extensive stockholding covers items required to service, maintain, repair and replace all the equipment from tank to aircraft. Working closely with our onsite technicians and our inspection engineers we pride ourselves in finding a quick and cost-effective solution to any problem.

In addition, we can source other parts of the helideck structure for specific customer projects, such as helideck landing area illumination, perimeter and landing netting installation and testing together with hose roller guides for the safe and efficient handling of fuel hoses. 

Well-known brand names in our inventory include:

- Avery Hardoll
- Blackmer
- Emco Wheaton
- Elaflex
- Todo
- Velcon

Shell Water Detector Capsules


We offer an extensive range of equipment and accessories for all aspects of helicopter operations supporting the oil and gas, offshore wind, maritime, military and commercial marine sectors. 

Harran also provides a cost-efficient repair and refurbishment service for all major components.

We offer an extensive range of refuelling spare parts, components and accessories for all aspects of helicopter refuelling operations supporting the oil and gas, offshore wind, maritime, military and commercial marine sectors.

Where required, pre-delivery soak testing of refuelling hoses can be carried out to condition them in readiness for first use in line with JIG requirements.

Harran also provides a cost-efficient repair, refurbishment and recertification service for all major components.

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