Program Overview

Recycle The Gulf

OEG Offshore’s Recycle the Gulf is an environmental program designed to reduce and recycle waste generated offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Utilizing OEG’s Enviro-Pak waste compactor product line, recyclables can be collected, sorted and compacted on the rig.

All recyclables are donated to a Louisiana-based partner, The Arc of Acadiana, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

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Protecting the Environment

To-date, program participants have recycled 12+ million pounds

Assists companies with MARPOL 73/78 and ISO 14001 compliance

EPA Gulf Guardian Award winning program (2004)

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Enhancing Corporate Responsibility

Socially responsible companies gain positive reputations and increase financial performance

Environmentally conscious supply chain is valued and recognized by stakeholders today more than ever

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Supporting Local Community

Generates revenue for The Arc of Acadiana, while providing disabled individuals with jobs and purpose

Recycling centre employees separate and repackage recyclables

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How the Recycle the Gulf Program Works

OEG’s Enviro-Pak compactors are available for rent or purchase to rigs operating in the Gulf of Mexico
Recyclables are sorted and compacted on the rig, then shipped in eco-friendly bags to the rig’s dock facility
Specialty containers labeled ‘Recycled Waste Only’ located at the rig’s dock facility store incoming eco-friendly bags of recyclables from each participating rig
OEG manages the logistics of collecting and exchanging the bags, as well as delivering them to The Arc of Acadiana
Contributions are accounted for by company and monthly reports are posted to an online customer portal
The Arc of Acadiana employees grade the recycle materials
All revenue from recycled materials is donated to The Arc of Acadiana

Acceptable Materials

Tick Plastic
Tick Paper
Tick Aluminium
Tick Cardboard

Unacceptable Materials

Cross Glass
Cross Wood
Cross Hazardous Materials (excludes cardboard with oil)

Recycle the Gulf participants

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