Providing a full range of Tank Management Services from key locations
  • Storage of transportation tanks
  • Tank cleaning service 
  • Repair and maintenance of tanks and frames
  • Certification available online 24/7, from any device
  • Inspection in accordance with the latest regulations in the knowledge that you are fully compliant
  • Removal of old labels, stickers, etc 
  • Tank coupling management (fitting/removal/storage, testing as required) 
  • Providing tracking solutions utilising the OEG iCU App
  • Wireless tank monitoring systems
  • Logistics and associated documentation 

Tank Wash Facilities - United Kingdom

OEG Offshore’s purpose-built facility located at Cairnrobin Business Park, Aberdeen offers the most advanced tank wash operation in Scotland. Our high-performance tank cleaning services include a thorough interior hot detergent wash followed by a hot or cold fresh water rinse.

tank washing services Aberdeen

Every tank is cleaned and certified so it is 100% free of all material, vapours and odours.

The hot exterior wash includes the removal of placard and chemical name decals while manufacturing and safety decals remain in place on the tank at all times.  Cleaning and maintaining your tanks at OEG Offshore assures one-stop service that’s fast, easy, and second to none.  Download more information here.

Tank Wash Facilities - Darwin, Australia

OEG's tank & container storage yard in Darwin, Australia is ideally located to load and unload tanks, ready for washing and cleaning services to commence. It's also used for dropping off or collecting ISO tanks and an entry point for tankers to be washed.

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Acid Tanker cleaning Australia

OEG Offshore can manage all aspects of offshore tank maintenance including inspection, cleaning, repairs and leak/pressure testing.

Our process for cleaning/laundering offshore tanks and ISO tanks involves the following:

  • Internal and external washing and rinsing with high pressure, high temperature cleaning equipment and surfactant(s) as required
  • Forced fan air drying
  • Inspection of frames/cages, tap valves and seals to determine repair and/or replacement requirements
  • Periodic tank inspection and testing
  • 2.5 yearly leakproof testing
  • 5 yearly hydrostatic testing
  • Pressure vessel vacuum testing
  • 4 yearly NDT inspection testing of lifting points
  • Replacement parts, valves, spare parts etc.

tank washing Darwin

All waste generated is captured (pumped via diaphragm pump during the washing process) into 1000 Litre IBCs. In the case of acid wash mixtures, we restore PH levels to normal readings and use an approved waste contractor for disposal.  In-house restoration of PH saves significant cost to our customers as waste disposal costs of low PH water/acid mix is very expensive.

Wireless Tank Monitoring & Level Forecasting System

The wireless tank monitoring system uses wireless battery operated tank level monitors and cloud-based software products to remotely monitor inventory levels in above ground and portable liquid storage tanks.

It improves the ability to precisely monitor and forecast stored product information, combined with advanced technology to monitor and manage your delivery operations more efficiently.

Using this system increases the efficiency of the entire delivery operation, allowing customers to reduce operating expenses, prevent product runouts, prevent over-ordering of product and maximize asset utilisation.

Contact OEG Offshore today to discuss tank cleaning or remote tank monitoring services.  E: