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Clair Ridge North Sea Helicopter Refuelling 1920x1080

AMEC Foster Wheeler on behalf of BP requested OEG Offshore to review and commission their new refuelling system aboard the Clair Ridge platform.

The system was originally purchased and installed by an alternative supplier. During the review, OEG identified multiple regulatory deviations and provided a detailed report to BP with advisories highlighting major safety and compliance concerns. A total of seven regulatory deviations from CAP 437 standard along with nineteen further recommended actions were highlighted to comply with best practice.


Refuelling equipment supplied and installed by alternative vendor posed various safety and regulatory deviations. OEG identified seven CAP 437 regulatory deviations & nineteen recommendations in our aviation refuelling system inspection compliance report.
The alternative provider did not rectify the refuelling system issues prior to commissioning, leaving BP with an operationally deficient and non-compliant system.


  • Engineer and install solution to allow repositioning of flow meter within dispensing cabinet
  • Modification/addition of sample lines
  • Fit sealing arrangements where components had been bolted through the bund floor, creating the possibility of loss of containment overboard
  • Replace non-ATEX compliant hose reel
  • Replace imperial instrumentation tube fittings used on metric tubing
  • Consult regarding offshore modifications to the pump cabinet
  • Carry out install and commissioning on completion of modifications


To implement the modifications agreed with BP & AMEC to ensure the safety and correct operation of the helifuel system.

As a result of the OEM’s lack of understanding of / adherence to CAP 437, BP & AMEC incurred additional costs to carry out remedial works to bring the refuelling system to CAP 437 compliance, not including their own engineering and management man hours.

“We are proud that our knowledge and commitment to AMEC & BP led to an additional contract to provide a second system upgrade and continue to support BP with their helifuel services.”
Clive Hoskisson, OEG Offshore UK Ltd Managing Director

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Helicopter refuelling system safety compliance case study.