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OEG manufacture to the highest industry standards, providing our customers with confidence that they have equipment in full compliance with regulatory requirements and in accordance with the latest health, safety & environmental regulations.

Both unethical and illegal conduct can cause organisations great harm, and jeopardise sustainability. OEG Offshore have implemented measures across all business activities to protect against illegal and unethical conduct.

The overall objective is to protect the OEG Group and its employees from behaviour that is not compliant with laws and regulations.

Additionally, OEG aims to ensure that employees understand the importance of conducting business in a legally compliant way and respect the principles that are set out in our local and group level policies and procedures, and feel free to raise concerns relating to legal or compliance without fear of retaliation.

OEG internal audit function will monitor the adequacy and effectiveness of the local and global compliance policies and procedures, and ongoing training programs will increase awareness of the roles and responsibilities.


It takes less time to explain why you did it right than to explain why you did it wrong