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OEG Group (OEG) is committed to encouraging a culture of openness within OEG to prevent incidents of malpractice. We have a duty to identify wrongdoing in the workplace and take the appropriate measures to remedy the situation.

It is sometimes difficult to know whether to speak up about something we have seen or heard that concerns us. Often people are reluctant to get involved but not speaking up could result in serious consequences for OEG and its employees. That is why we have a company-wide Whistleblowing Policy.

We recognise that our employees are often the first people to witness any type of wrongdoing and that the information that employees may uncover could prevent further wrongdoing. ng matters they suspect may involve anything, improper, unethical or inappropriate.

OEG has other policies and procedures that deal with complaints, critical or constructive comments, and appeals. Disciplinary, Grievance, Harassment, Code of Ethics and Equal Opportunities policies, which also address standards of behaviour at work.

To request a copy of OEG's Whistleblowing Policy please email: