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Together, we will create a more sustainable, secure future by effectively managing our impacts to help you achieve your own sustainability ambitions.

In a highly regulated sector, we consistently conduct our operations responsibly, managing operational risks across our activities with essential priorities. For us, safety and people always come first.

We also recognise that climate change is a significant global environmental challenge. We take personal responsibility for reducing our own environmental impact and assisting our clients and the communities we engage with to reduce theirs.

Managing our business impact

Identifying opportunities for responsible mobility

We consistently assess opportunities to grow our electric vehicle fleet and we plan to install EV charging points for employee vehicles. We have acquired electricity powered forklifts to replace diesel engines and we are installing solar panels to generate renewable electricity for our offices and depots.

Additionally, we track carbon emissions from business travel, explore sustainable commuting options, and are discussing the use of biofuels and Sustainable Aviation Fuels for the UK offshore helicopter travel supply chain.

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Saving energy to nurture our future

In 2022, we embarked on 'Project ECO' to signify our transition to cleaner energy sources and implemented our own carbon neutrality strategy aligned to ISO 14068. As part of this journey, we are enhancing the efficiency of our facilities and equipment.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond energy to include reducing water usage, improving waste management, and a recycling system. To continually progress in our sustainability goals, we have also strengthened sustainability checks in our supply chain and launched a company-wide Life Cycle Assessment process of our major products.

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Cultivating responsible growth

Prioritising the well-being of our employees, always

We uphold the highest safety standards to protect our teams every day and are especially focused on the safety of those who work in the adverse offshore conditions. We foster a shared culture that values personal well-being and enables our people to achieve an optimal work-life balance.

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Promoting the circular economy with our clients and beyond

Sustainability is embedded in what we do every day, and in our commitment to our clients. Through our extensive rental fleet of reusable containers and tanks, complemented by our comprehensive management and maintenance services, we offer sustainable packaging solutions that promote circularity throughout the energy supply chain.

By 2025

A 35% reduction in emissions

By 2030

Net-zero, with minimal reliance on offsets

The essential shield that secures a better tomorrow.

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For offshore containers, baskets, workshops, tanks & A60 cabins.