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It's here and it's now... leading Offshore Cargo Carrying Unit supplier OEG Offshore (OEG) has launched a NASA inspired, world's first delivery and recovery Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) called 'Flight Operated Offshore Locational Drone' (F.O.O.L.D.)

OEG have developed the world's first industrial, high payload which can not only deliver but collect offshore CCU's from their customers worldwide, saving on high transportation costs and logistics personnel. The drones can be geo-location programmed and stream video and audio via the custom app. 

OEG's President, Eirik Ellingsen explained “This new generation of drone will completely transform the way we do business with our customers. We have scaled up the current technology to produce a game changing industrial drone which allows heavy payloads as well as complete delivery and recovery. This ground breaking military grade design has been in development & testing for almost 3 years at our R&D base in Scotland. We can now offer our customers a carbon free logistics service worldwide and they can track the deployment of the CCU on a Smartphone. We currently have 100 systems deployed at our main oil & gas regional hubs which we plan to increase to 1000 over the next 12 months”   

The drones have a sophisticated onboard solar charging array to allow continuous flight, CCU central interlock mechanism & are fully approved by the CAA & FFA for industrial use. The system has a range of build in safety features which are both automated and intelligent such as, redundancy, gimbal stability, secure satellite network, precise positioning & auto-landing to name a few.           

Ellingsen continues, “The Oil & Gas Industry is entering a new era of cost reduction, where new technology and efficiency expectations are the norm, it is therefore critical that we embrace innovation and look to the future with our low cost, environmentally friendly, 24/7/365 system which will now be automatically included as part of our global commercial agreements with our customers”.

Whatever, whenever, wherever...there are no limits to the application of the OEG Flight Operated Offshore Locational Drones.

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