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Leading offshore cargo carrying and A60 module company OEG Offshore (OEG) announces the world\'s first 3D AFD Printing Technology for mass production of Cargo Carrying Units (CCUs).

3D Additive Fiber Development (AFD) relates to the term “additive manufacturing” which creates objects through sequential layering generating exact shapes with high precision. OEG's research and development team, in conjunction with a major internet company, has invested more than $120 million in this cutting edge method of 3D printing and has been secretly perfecting this process for CCU's since the introduction of this technology several years ago. Their team has recently completed 160 full production test samples which have been used in successful early operational trials with a global major oil and gas service company.

What does this all mean? eIn basic terms OEG can physically print out in 3D a Fully Operational Offshore Lightweight (F.O.O.L.) container, basket or workshop. This is achieved by utilizing the patented OEG-AFD 3D machines with secure military grade 4G encrypted 3D designs uploaded from any of the OEG Offshore design locations around the world. This can be translated to initiate a single unit manufacture or a complete production run including containers, baskets, workshops and tanks. OEG's team has also developed 3D printing technology for production of certified lifting slings and shackles providing a full turnkey manufacturing service for their customers.

OEG can also offer the units in any standard RAL color available to match customers specific branding and because the manufacturing is an additive layer printing process the lead time to customer is reduced from weeks to hours as a result of patented simultaneous activity manufacturing (SAM).

Rob Goodall, VP at OEG who has been leading this innovative and cutting edge technology said, “Today is the launch of a new era of innovation which will truly revolutionize the manufacturing of CCU's for the offshore oil and gas industry worldwide with unprecedented tolerance control to +/- 0.01mm. Our operations group has been working diligently over the last six months to deploy our patented AFD-3D printing pods in over 25 countries”. He continues, “We can receive a call from a customer at 8am and have bespoke branded NEW units loaded on a truck at 10am, fully certified complete with lifting assemblies ready to roll. With our new mobile App being released this month for IOS and Android, our busy customers will be able to order from their mobile device from offshore, onshore or flying around the world”.

Safety for personnel is at the core of this innovation. OEG has engaged with all the main Certification Authorities to ensure full compliance with the key offshore industry CCU standards IMO Circ. 860, BSEN 12079, DNV 2.7-1, DNV 2.7-3, AFD, Fo0l, API RP2.  As a result of the patented simultaneous activity manufacturing the CCU's have integral fire resistance of H120 and external blast resistance of 500 millibars which meets and exceeds almost every topside application offshore worldwide. OEG's R&D team has also produced a full range of subsea baskets to meet the demanding environmental requirements associated with subsea construction and installations. The AFD-3D printed basket design has unlimited depth and payload capabilities maximizing efficiency for offshore installation companies.

The Fully Operational Offshore Lightweight (F.O.O.L.) subsea baskets are also unaffected by salt water and can be easily deployed and maneuvered using only the ROV as a result of their ultra lightweight.   

The innovative AFD production process delivers products which are 100% maintenance free producing major savings for customers on repair and refurbishment budgets. The final product is structurally more robust and stronger with almost zero repairs and CAPEX at a fraction of the cost of conventional manufacturing methods.

Rob Goodall, VP of Business Development at OEG Offshore, said: \'This significant investment in new patented technology will ensure that we maintain our position as market leaders and will continue to provide a full range of flexible and high-quality innovative products to our global customers.  This new range will be available to our global customers from today on a sales or rental basis from our 25 locations strategically located around the world\'.

For more details on our AFD 3D printing please contact us directly at our local office locations with your immediate delivery requirements in your local region.

OEG Offshore has CCUs and A60 modules strategically located in the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Ghana and the UAE as well as additional full service agents in Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands and Nigeria. 

Interested media or press contact Lorraine Mitchell – Global Marketing & Communications Manager, Tel: 01224 215 500 or