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OEG Offshore is launching a new sustainable waste handling solution through their Louisiana based Enviro-Pak business; Enviro-Pak is pleased to be utilizing a new technology with the provision of their new 30% recycled polypropylene offshore waste compactor bags.

As part of OEG's commitment to improving their global sustainability and environmental impact, OEG is pleased to be able to offer Enviro-Pak customers a new sustainable solution for their waste handling offshore.

The new offshore waste compactor bags will be produced using 30% recycled polypropylene to reduce virgin polypropylene consumption; the 30% recycled polypropylene bag is the world's first Labordata certified recycled content bag created to meet the 2204 pound (1000kg) work load and still have the industry standard 5 to 1 safety factor as mandated by ISO 21898:2004 specification.

The new recycled bags will fit and function in the same way as the current Enviro-Pak waste bags, compatible with the entire Enviro-Pak range of waste compactors. Color-coded handles will remain a feature of the new 30% recycled bag, allowing clients to differentiate between the size of the bags or the waste stream. The new recycled bags will have a color change to orange for the body of the bag to bring attention to the new recycled technology; all existing part numbers will stay the same, with the green and black compactor bags remaining the same color but also utilizing the 30% recycled polypropylene material.

Mike Powell, Sales Manager at OEG Enviro-Pak said, “In my 25 years of experience designing offshore waste bags, I haven't seen this type of recycled material before; this technology is revolutionary and will reduce the amount of polypropylene finding its way into the landfills after only one use by 200,000 pounds per year from Enviro-Pak waste bags alone.

Another fantastic feature of these new waste bags is that the bags themselves can be recycled; we hope to encourage other companies to use this new technology to reduce the environmental impact of polymer waste bags globally.”

The full range of Enviro-Pak offshore waste compactor units enables customers to achieve their operational goals by increasing efficiency and reducing costs associated with the disposal of waste; compaction directly into the compactor bags allows for easy and safe deployment of waste.

OEG Enviro-Pak introduced the new 30% recycled polypropylene compactor bags at the end of Q1 2023 and they are now available to customers.

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Image: An Enviro-Pak Waste Compactor next to one of the company's new 30% recycled polypropylene offshore waste compactor bag.