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Aberdeen-based OEG Offshore, which specialises in the design and build of cabins and cargo carrying units for the offshore oil and gas market, has designed a series of innovative engineering cabins to meet the latest industry regulations. 

The units have been built to meet structural codes BSEN12079/DNV 2.7-1 standards and comply with the international fire testing IMO A60 classification. The cabins also meet DNV2.7-2 & ATEX standards and can be used in zone 1 hazardous areas offshore and onshore.
With a standard footprint measuring 20ft x 8ft, the units have been designed to accommodate a wide range of equipment and specific cabin arrangements. The flexibility of the design means that the units can be modified for various uses, including ROV control cabins, well service cabins, MLWD cabins, laboratories, leak test cabins and offices.
Craig Russell, Group Commercial Director for OEG Offshore said: “This new design will provide our customers with the flexibility of a standard cabin that can be quickly modified internally to suit any range of offshore technician requirements.
“In an offshore environment, being comfortable and safe is a necessity for employees who often have to endure long periods of time in work cabins. That's why quality and safety are an integral part of our designs, resulting in an engineering cabin that is the most technically advanced on the market today.
“Our many years of experience in renting cabins and servicing customer fleets has given us a detailed insight into a vast cross-section of cabin types and operational functions – placing our workforce at the forefront of the cabin industry in terms of knowledge and expertise. This knowledge, combined with our close customer relationships, has ensured that their operational feedback was the basis for developing a user-friendly rental fleet designed for longevity.”
The state-of-the-art cabins are fully equipped with status monitoring control systems such as purge and pressurisation to ensure positive pressure and a safe environment for staff working inside the cabins. A fire and gas monitoring and shutdown system provides an additional safety feature. The system can also be integrated quickly and easily with the host installation to relay all status signals to the main control room using an industry standard PLC interface. Cat5 network cabling for data, telecoms and windows is a standard feature on all of the cabins and external container cover doors have also been incorporated for additional protection of critical equipment.
Craig added: “The units are also CSC plated to provide more cost-effective transportation costs for customers and have been built to a specification that applies worldwide, providing our customers with hassle-free certification regardless of where they are operating. These features were consciously built-in to address the specific needs and demands of our customers, whose businesses are diverse and geographically far-reaching.  
“With this new cabin we believe we have set a new precedent for our industry and consequently, demand for this new product has been very high among our existing customer base. We hope to experience the same level of interest from our customers in the Asia Pacific region when we deploy these units to our Singapore base in February.”
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