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Aberdeen-based OEG Offshore (OEG) has secured a series of new service and maintenance contracts worth £85,000 ($125,000 USD) during the first quarter of 2010.

The Aberdeen-based firm – which specialises in the design, build and rental of cabins and cargo-carrying units for the offshore oil and gas market – has been contracted to carry out refurbishments and modifications to a number of clients' existing modules.

Those who have secured contracts with OEG include Schlumberger, Technip, Schilling, Inteq and Oceaneering.
Craig Russell, Commercial Director of OEG said: “This clutch of contracts with major service companies in the oil and gas industry showcases our expertise in repairs and maintenance and demonstrates that OEG's services are not just limited to the production and supply of new modules. OEG Offshore also holds the servicing contract for all Inteq A60 Zoned well service cabins, including all upgrades and recertification.
“We provide our customers with a comprehensive module refurbishment and maintenance service that supports assets and can significantly increase the length of their useful life. Many of our customers have ageing assets, but it is relatively straightforward - due to the extensive experience of our design and service personnel - for us to breathe new life into these units, helping to save them time and money in the longer term.     
“In addition, all of our maintenance work is carried out in accordance with international standards, meaning that our customers can subsequently relocate their cabin assets anywhere in the world.”
“With almost 25 years' experience in the cabin business, we have continuously delivered quality, varied solutions to our customers. OEG provides a servicing package that is fully comprehensive and includes a free survey of customers units, a tailored schedule for service and preventative maintenance and updated drawings and documentation packs The servicing aspect of our business is only one part, and our ability to deliver on other customer requirements such as an ongoing call out service for both onshore and offshore work is what motivates our customers to repeatedly use our services.”