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OEG Offshore has launched a new waste reduction solution through their Louisiana-based Enviro-Pak business; OEG Enviro-Pak is pleased to announce the launch of their new Glass Crusher.

The development of this new glass waste disposal system is a result of the demand for a solution from existing EP clients, including ship operators and oil and gas service providers. The new glass crusher is capable of crushing glass containers up to a gallon in size, with recent tests showing that the system can reduce waste at a ratio of 4:1.

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NEW! - OEG Enviro-Pak Waste Disposal System.

Ideally suited for a range of locations and applications, the new glass crusher can be utilized in both onshore and offshore scenarios; usually housed in the garbage disposal area of various vessels, offshore locations and buildings, the glass crusher will benefit offshore oil rigs, vessel galleys, onshore waste management facilities, restaurants and bars, and manufacturing plants.

The glass crusher provides a safe alternative to traditional glass disposal techniques, reducing safety hazards for operators while increasing waste disposal efficiency. The small footprint makes the glass crusher an ideal choice for small areas and the stainless-steel design allows installation in food service locations.

Ryan Shoalmire, Operations and Engineering Manager at OEG Offshore said, “We have developed a compact but robust unit to meet a global need for larger glass container reduction. This unit is small enough to fit in tight spaces. This gives us a unique advantage in glass types and sizes without limitation to 1 litre or smaller, as with our competitors.”

The glass crushers can be custom built to meet specific client requirements; the EP team works closely with the client throughout the design and build progress to ensure accurate specifications are met. Each glass crusher unit undergoes thorough testing before delivery to the client, with dedicated technical support provided during installation and throughout operation.

The full range of EP offshore waste reduction solutions enables customers to achieve their operational goals by increasing efficiency and reducing costs associated with the disposal of waste.

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