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The ability to provide clients with bespoke and specialist units has seen Vertec Engineering (Vertec) secure three contracts worth almost £500,000 for use in the UK, US and Africa.

Vertec was awarded a significant deal by G&M Power Plant Limited (G&M) to design and manufacture two acoustically-lined, specialised modules that will house 1500kva diesel generator sets.

A further deal was secured with Halliburton to design and build two leak test cabins for a Zone 2 hazardous area in Angola, and a third contract has been awarded by W-Industries to design and manufacture a Portable Test Unit (PTU) container for use in a Zone 2 hazardous area in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is the first time that Vertec has worked with Houston-based W-Industries, who will be supplying the unit to FMC Technologies for its IPT Jubilee IWOCS project.

Vertec's Sales Manager, Gavin Duncan, said: “The award of these three very different contracts, each with its own individual specifications, gives a clear demonstration of the expertise and experience we possess within the company and the diverse range of client's needs that we can accommodate.”