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In November last year, the UK was hit by one of the most ferocious storms of recent times. The widespread devastation of Storm Arwen tragically led to loss of life, and thousands were left without electricity for several days.

Forestry and Land Scotland have estimated that around 4,000 hectares of Scottish forests were affected by storm damage, which is almost the equivalent area to the size of Dundee. As Scotland continues to recover from the damage inflicted by the storm, OEG Offshore donated a container to the local voluntary conservation society, the Bailies of Bennachie, after their previous one was damaged during storm Arwen.

While just one of the thousands of containers within OEG Offshore's possession, the significance of this donation, or any charitable donation, goes beyond the measurable gift. They help communities come together, creating more sustainable practices while bringing attention to serious global issues. Based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, the Bailies of Bennachie charity was created to protect the natural environment, history, and culture of one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland. Founded in 1973 with only 40 volunteers, the charity now boasts over 5000 members, all of which are committed to its goals of maintaining and improving public footpaths, encouraging the creation and preservation of features of natural, cultural, or public interest, and educating others on the benefits of Bennachie, all in an effort to preserve it for future generations.

Like many charitable organisations, Bailies of Bennachie thrive off donations and the efforts of its volunteers. When their previous container was destroyed in storm Arwen, we realised the goods and services we have at our disposal, such as our containers and delivery services, could directly benefit a local charity and the community it serves.

We are pleased to share that following our donation, the Bailies of Bennachie has continued its work on the hill, maintaining footpaths, improving drainage, and rebuilding dykes so that the larger community may have access to this outdoor space. Beyond bringing the community together, this donation has also highlighted the organisation's work, drawing attention to its mission as a voluntary organisation and the areas it works in – the environment and education. This is not our first charitable donation, nor will it be our last.

Supporting Hazelwood School with a container 2017

In the past, we have donated resources such as our containers to be used as storage for schools, businesses, and other charities and will continue to do so. Additionally, we hope to provide our services and financial donations to more charities and good causes in Scotland and abroad. As a business proud to be based in Aberdeenshire but reaching across the world, we will do our part to help others, bringing communities together both near and far.