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Safe transport of wind turbine components through narrow city streets and tough mountainous terrain in bad weather conditions is OEG Offshore's latest undertaking in Vietnam.

The contracts are part of a successful new venture for OEG Offshore (OEG), working with New World Logistics (NWL), experienced in heavy lift, mega moves, project cargoes and international multimodal transport, in the rapidly increasing wind farm industry in Vietnam.

The general scope of operations included the working team unloading long wind blades, nacelles, towers, hubs and accessories from vessels to portside locations, then onto heavy duty tractors combined with modular trailers, or blade lifters for the long journey to construction holding areas for a number of wind power projects including Hoang Hai ' Tai Tam, Phong Lieu, Trung Nam and Hung Hai, keeping installation on target.

Dan Greeves, Head of OEG Offshore Renewables, said “negotiating the winding mountain roads with 68.8m blades, 86.9 tonne nacelles and 31.2'tonne hubs presented unique challenges demanding the use of extendable trailers or modular and pull by heavy'duty tractors with horsepower up to 250'tonnes.

“The logistics involved in these onshore wind projects threw up some additional transportation challenges to safely move such valuable components from port to holding area and securing the components to avoid any damage was an expert job carried out by a professional team.

“There is great potential for offshore wind in Vietnam, as well as the ambition of the Vietnamese Government to develop a sustainable green economy.”

Vietnam presents new renewable energy opportunities for OEG, in line with its vision to deliver services across the full scenario of global wind farm developments.

OEG, active in more than 35 countries, has acquired three renewable focused businesses in the last 9 months expanding its critical products and services to the offshore energy sector, with activities across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Caspian, Asia Pacific, and the Americas, with more acquisitions planned.